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Video Production​

I started getting into filming about 12 yrs ago when I met Nathan Tessmann aka MC Wheels as a 16yr old school kid who has a condition called SMARD (spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress)

Over the years I recorded Nathan's journey helping him with his music videos and artwork, and making a couple of short docos. He's like my younger brother now and I know I'll keep  recording his journey as long as I can. It's been one hell of a journey Wheels and such a pleasure to be your life. You inspire me to be better.  

Caloundra Osteo Clinic _ Branding Video
2023 Entry to the Focus on Ability Short Film festival

Winner of Focus on Ability Film Festival,
Judges Choice Open Documentary Award 2022

2021 Focus on Ability Film Festival

Think of Me. 

Dedicated to my Dad,Dermot J Seberry RIP beautiful man

MC Wheels- Letter from Heaven

MC Wheels - Horizon

Megalodon - Unbelievable

Some drone and still footage from our trip to Moreton Island

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