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Lenny Seberry

After growing up in a small country town near Dublin, Ireland I embarked on the '20 somethin's' journey of travelling and working around the world before falling in love with the beautiful country of Australia. I've now called Australia home for 20 years.

In 2007 at 30 I began my Photography journey, when I got my Advanced Diploma in Photojournalism at PSC in Melbourne. 

My passion for Photography was apparent the moment I saw my first image develop in the dark room at College.. To be able to see so much life and emotion captured on a single piece of paper changed my life. It set me on a trajectory of capturing as many of these beautiful moments as I could. 

I moved into film and videography a few years later when a friend and I began following a then 16 year old Nathan Tessman, a disabled child discovering his passion for Hip-Hop. Nathan aka MC Wheels is now an established hip-hop artist with 3 albums under his belt and has supported Bliss n Eso and performed at many venues and Music Festivals over the years. I was honoured to have released my first Documentary on Nathan and I feel this has been my most rewarding creative pursuit to date.

I now specialise in Photography & Videography and am still on the pursuit of finding beauty in every moment.

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